Harley-Davidson Pilot II 2-in-1 Matte Dark Grey

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Maximize riding comfort when you double your coverage options with our Pilot II 2-in1 Helmet. This uniquely designed 3/4 helmet can be worn two ways, plus it welcomes air with venting on top and face mask perforations. Engineered with a retractable face shield that’s coated for anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UVA/UVB protection, plus a moisture-wicking comfort liner that’s removable/washable. Finished with a brooding version of our Skull on front for an understated Harley-Davidson look. Know the history—the Skull here was originally created by Willie G. Davidson for the 2000 Daytona Bike Week, and it’s been a rider favorite ever since. School yourself on the rest of its specs below…

• Average Weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz. or 1,250 grams (without mask), 3 lbs. 1 3/8 oz. or 1,400 grams (with mask).
• Helmet Construction: Thermoplastic shell. Micrometric fastener.
• Stay Cool: Front vent on top of helmet, and breathing perforations on face mask
• Interior & Linings: Removable and washable moisture-wicking comfort liner.
• Additional Features: Unique 3/4 helmet can be worn two ways for additional comfort. Retractable, optically clear face shield is coated to provide anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UVA/UVB protection.
• Manufacturer & Certification: Scorpion (Kido Sports Co., Ltd.). 3/4 shell meets ECE 22.06 requirements. Additional components including face mask are for comfort only and do not provide any safety features.

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