Fullbat Fulload 1000

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Designed for lead-acid and lithium batteries, the all-new FULLOAD 1000 is an automatic smart battery charger and maintainer for powersports batteries.
With 4 selectable modes including Lithium mode, the FULLOAD 1000 is a 6V and 12V battery charger rated at 1A with battery capacity up to 20Ah. Safe and easy to use, the 3 steps of charge will ensure maximum performance and lifetime for all your batteries.
This charger is delivered with 1 clamps set and 1 eyelets terminals set.
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Smart battery charger and maintainer
For 6V-12V Lead Acid batteries (GEL, AGM, MF, DRY, Ca/Ca, WET) & 12V LiFePO4 batteries
1A charging current with battery capacity up to 20Ah (maintains all sizes)
4 charging modes
Easy to set up and use
Easy to read LED display
Full protected against short circuit, wrong connections, overcharge and overheat
Delivered with clamps and eyelet terminals set


Battery compatibility: GEL, SLA, MF, DRY, AGM, Ca/Ca and LITHIUM
Battery voltage (V): 6 – 12
Battery Capacity (Ah): 2 > 20
Charging rate (A): 1
Input voltage (V): 220 – 240
Stages: 3


Charging curve – 3 stages

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